Adrian Statescu

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23 Mar 2021
Good to know Python 3

Here are things to keep in mind. Some of these you might have already inferred; others will show up as you learn Python.

  • structure is defined by identation: no braces, no line ending semicolons, no begin or end symbols.
  • to pack multiple statements on a line, separe them with semicolons(unless the first line ends with colon)
  • to split long lines, use a backslash immediately before the line break, unless you are already inside a (), {}, or [] in which case breaks are always permitted.
  • things are falsy: None, False, any numeric zero, any empty sequence, any empty mapping, instances of classes whose nonzero() or len() return 0 or False.
  • tuples are immutable, lists are mutable
  • the types you will probably use most often are: bool, int, float, str, complex, tuple, list, dict, function and NoneType.
  • the built-in function help is super helpful in interactive mode.
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